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Corporate Information

JW United Corporation is a Progressive company with experience prodigal executives aiming to redefine the standards of corporate management regionally. JW United Corporation currently operates in a number of business divisions that are correlated to one another. The divisions are constructions, trading and M & E Services. Our main focus currently is to manage small to medium scale construction projects with great effectiveness and efficiency.Our company’s ultimate aims is to become a diversified corporate force operating in many business fields.

Our focus currently is to manage from small to medium businesses projects effectiveness and efficiency in division, examples Food & Beverages, Trading and Services, Advertising, Promotion and Design, Consultancy & Training and Lifestyle. Team spirit among our employees is highly encouraged to foster a productive working environment. Our comitment to our staff also extends to develop their potentials to the fullest through constant and intensive training-cum-development.

We are also committed to work with our suppliers and business partners in a fair and equitable nature. By building our trust and respect, we aim to strengthen our rapport with them in offering our clients with quality solution at the same time providing them with essential assistant to develop their entrepreneurship potentials.

Mission Statement

JW United Corporation’s mission is to provide the highest quality of construction and services to meet our customer’s expectation; to act with integrity, honesty and exemplify high moral standards in a professional work environment that encourages training, teamwork and communication which ultimately allows us to anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities by creative and innovative thinking in our approach to todays’ issues.

Our Value

At JW we believe that core values and their supporting behaviors will propel our company and us to higher levels of performance. We believe that by incorporating these values into our business conduct, we will achieve our common goal of a well-organized and successful organization.

  • 1. We will act with integrity, honesty and exemplified high moral standards at all times.
  • 2. We will strive to understand our customers’ needs and concerns so that we may provide quality, responsible, reliable, friendly and courteous services to ensure customer’s satisfaction.
  • 3. We will provide an open and professional work environment that encourages training, teamwork and open communication.
  • 4. We must be creative and innovative in our approach to todays’ issues in anticipating of tomorrows’ opportunities.
  • 5. We value the positive contributions of our staff that hold the keys to the ultimate success of the company. They are to be treated with due respect and dignity.
  • Our Commitment

    Right And Suitable

    Highest professionalism for all design and building system to ensure total customer satisfaction.


    For all business partners, suppliers, customers and employees.

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